What is Facebook Sponsorship and its Use?

Facebook as well as being a social platform to post your food, dog pictures and videos of friends in compromising situations is an advertising platform. That’s how Facebook generate their income from advertisers placing ads on their products, services, events and sponsoring posts “Facebook inserzioni”. This article will introduce you to the concept and its application for businesses and users wanting to promote a particular post.

The great thing with Facebook is that it has all this user data from their likes and interests, as a marketer or a business you can target them by simple demographics, for example, age, political affiliation, city but also behaviors, recent purchases, major life events like marriage or birthdays. Imagine a user is posting about getting married, on a certain date and plans are underway, a limo rental service could hit them with ads about car hire for their big day to get them to church.

Even Google Adwords does not have this level of micro targeting, the whole Facebook ad platform is copied from Google but because of the sheer amount of data it has on its users, the ability to target is better than Google, and you can expect to get cheaper ad costs, and certainly more traffic for less ad spend.

Even seeing a user’s interaction with a competitor brand could give a business fantastic insight into what they like to view, what they comment on and what they could use themselves to attract more like-minded customers.

Sponsorship of Posts

Facebook any to create pages for sponsorship of their brand that then can be displayed to all 1.6bn Facebook users around the world for massive brand awareness building. These then can be promoted in what is called sponsorizzata Facebook ads. It doesn’t have to be the page but a post that is sponsored or boosted to give it more eyeballs. For example, the advertiser wants to publicize a concert event, after creating the event page, they can set up the event campaign to get it seen by more people in that city, interested in rock music and recently attended a rock concert.

How Users See the Ads

Users of sponsorizzazione Facebook will get this ad in their feed if they are the relevant audience, they may search on events in the local area and so have this event listed. The advertiser can put in all the information like place, time but also interesting photos and backstage videos to get people interested. Each time a user clicks on the ad, a click charge is paid by the advertiser with a direct link to a website or a ticket processing page. Other users can see who and how many others are attending.

Then as part of the advertiser dashboard, Facebook will show the analytics including how the ad is performing for clicks, number of views, even engagement like how often it was shared, or liked or commented on. For any help with courses on or even setting up and management of Facebook ads, see this company this website for resources and assistance.