Master The Art Of Pissed Consumer With These 8 Tips

Obviously as the World moves closer together we see progressively more cross-border issues which require cooperation with other nations to protect consumers, foster competition and keep things moving smoothly. Actually the mission is so important that it requires a company inside our government that knows what they are doing. Personally for me I do not trust the Federal Trade Commission to provide the leadership necessary to make this happen. In fact I’m appalled at their previous and documented piss poor performance and would ask the united states Congress to deny any budget increases and insist upon a reduction of 50% within their annual budget. Recently within an official report to the US Congress the FTC Stated:

“The FTC spent some time working with competition agencies worldwide to promote guidelines and minimize policy divergences to ease burdens on firms that operate around the world. Two key venues for competition officials to work toward a greater consensus will be the Organization for Economic Coordination and Development (OECD) and the International Competition Network (ICN), a group launched four years ago by the FTC, the DOJ, and 13 other competition agencies that now numbers almost 90 member agencies. The FTC also advocates discussion of linkages between competition and consumer policy around the world. The FTC also devoted significant resources to assisting new competition agencies in countries with emerging market economies.”

I disagree with the FTC strategy as they attack our own companies here at home and burden them with incessant regulation making their capability to compete on the globe markets lessened. Actually the FTC has no clue in my opinion as to how actual free markets work. It really is probably the last agency I would want to help facilitate or dictate any type of cooperative policy across borders. What do you think of the FTC? Do you consider we even need that little division of the Justice Department? Consider this in 2006 and axe their budget.