How to make money referring real estate

The Tell PraGente is a referral program apartments for sale in capital smart city Islamabad with the Mining House. Through it, anyone can receive cash prizes for referring apartments that are published on our website. Participation in the program is open to the entire public. It’s an easy way to earn money and help a friend sell your apartment!

What are the requirements to participate?

To participate, you must be over 18 years of age. If this is your case, access the Referral Portal and start making money now. You can follow the entire process through the website. You will be able to see the status of each of your referrals and the payment status. It’s all easy and transparent.

How do I recommend an apartment and earn money?

To access the Referral Portal it is necessary to create an access informing your email and password to access the portal. The creation of the account is important for you to follow the status of the nominations and the payment of the prizes. It is worth mentioning that it is important to inform an e-mail that access is possible for confirmation, since it is necessary to activate your account through an e-mail sent shortly after registration.

After completing the registration on the portal you will need to inform the full address of the property and the purpose. In addition, we will need the owner’s phone or email.

We accept apartments that are already being worked on by other real estate agents, as long as it is not being worked on exclusively, ok?

TIP: The more complete the information, the greater the chances that Casa Mineira will be able to contact the owner, advertise the apartment and earn you money.

Can I indicate any Property?

We accept indications of residential apartments for sale, located in the following neighborhoods : Anchieta, Bairro da Graça, Bandeirantes, BarroPreto, Baroque, Belvedere, Buritis, Caiçara, Carlos Prates, Castle, Center, CidadeJardim, Cidade Nova, Colégio Batista, CoraçãoEucarístico , Cruise, Dona Clara, Estoril, Fernão Dias, Forest, Staff, Grajaú, Gutierrez, Jaraguá, JardimAmérica, Lourdes, Luxembourg, Mangabeiras, Nova Floresta, Nova Granada, Nova Switzerland, OuroPreto, Padre Eustáquio, Palmares, Prado, Sagrada Family, Santa Efigênia, Santa Lúcia, Santa Tereza, Santo Agostinho, Santo Antônio, São Bento, São José (Pampulha), São Lucas, São Luiz, São Pedro, Serra, Silveira, Sion, União, Vila da Serra.

I indicated a Property. What are the next steps?

We check if the property you have indicated is within the neighborhoods participating in the program. Then, we see if someone else has indicated it before. Then, we contact the owner and present our business model. If he accepts our conditions, we will go to the listing of the property. We photographed the property and published the ad on the Casa Mineira website.

How do I know that a nomination has been approved and published?

We will send an email to each property that you have indicated and that has been advertised on our website. In addition, you can follow your referrals through the Referral Portal.

Why was my nomination not approved?

There are a few reasons why an nomination cannot be approved:

1) The property indicated is outside the area participating in the program.

2) Someone has already indicated the same property.

3) The property is not an apartment.

4) The property is not residential.

5) The contact of the owner that was provided is incorrect.

6) We are unable to contact the owner (does not answer).

7) The property is exclusive to a broker or real estate agent.

8) The owner of the property did not accept disclosure at Casa Mineira.

9) Not complying with the program’s Terms of Use.

How much do I earn for each published referral?

Whenever a property indicated by you is published on the Casa Mineira website, you are awarded R $ 100 (One Hundred Reais). The more you refer, the more you will win!

How long does it take for me to receive my prize?

Payment for the indications published on the website will be made via bank transfer within 4 (four) business days after the property is published on the Casa Mineira website. You will receive an email informing you about the property’s publication with the respective link to access it on the website.

How can I keep up with the awards I won on the program?

Access your account on the Casa Mineira website, enter “My Referrals” at the top of this area, you will find a summary of your paid and pending payment prizes. To access the detailed report of nominations you must access in the menu on the left side the option “Your Referrals” which will display all nominations and their respective status.

I need to change my bank details to pay the premiums, how do I do it?

It is important to always keep your bank details up to date, for this you can enter the option “Account Information” then “Data for payment” inform the new data and save. Casa Mineira is not responsible for wrongly informed bank details or those of other people. If the payment is returned by the bank, our support team will contact you via email and request the conference and / or update of the data. The new payment of the prize will be made 4 (four) working days after the data update.

If the payment status is as made and has not “dropped” in my account?

Contact our support team, we will check if there was any discrepancy in the data at the time of payment. In case of any problem, the new payment will be made within 4 (four) business days. In case of doubts, send an email to