Good Eye Care for Your Child Begins with An Eye Specialist Fort Myers

The significance of an annual eye examination for children tends to ensure that your child’s vision is not blurred. One should never ignore the importance of eye examinations when it comes to healthy vision. It is here that you should visit a good eye specialist with your child to safeguard his/her eyes and ensure it is protected with the right prescription glasses or contact lens if needed.

3 Reasons for you to visit eye specialist Fort Myers with your child

The following are some of the prime reasons why you should visit a good eye specialist Fort Myers:–

  1. Regular eye tests will help your children do well in school

Over 80 percent of what your children learn now online in school needs a good vision. With the Pandemic threats still high in some regions, most kids are doing online classes from the safety of their homes. They are exposed to the computer screen most of the time.

As a parent, it is your duty to ensure your child gets an eye test done every six months now. If he/she has good vision, you can extend that to one test per year. This is the only way via which you can check as to whether your children are able to see well or not.

  1. Increase of myopia

Sadly, myopia is gradually becoming a serious epidemic for children. This is the eye condition commonly known as near-sightedness, and many children are suffering from this vision problem from an early age.

Kids who suffer from near-sightedness early in their lives tend to face aggravation and progression of this condition as they age. This continues through their whole childhood and places them at great risk of afflicting retinal detachment, Glaucoma, and cataracts as an adult.

Obviously, this is a major concern, and it is here that you must schedule an annual eye examination with a skilled eye specialist in Fort Myers for your child. Suppose you are able to detect the presence of myopia early in life for your child. In that case, you can delay the progression of this condition and reduce the risks of your child falling prey to serious vision problems later.

  1. Early detection of Glaucoma is equally important

Glaucoma is serious, and the worst part is, it tends to sneak up so fast that you often do not even notice its onset during the early part of your child’s life. There are actually no warning signs. Likewise, many adults suffer from Glaucoma, and they admit that due to the lack of routine eye tests, they have aggravated the condition.

You must ensure that your child takes a regular eye test to ensure his/her vision is fine. In case the early signs of Glaucoma are detected, your eye specialist can medically treat it. However, if you ignore it altogether, your child faces the risk of going completely blind.

In order to protect the vision health of your child, you must consult a good eye specialist Fort Myers regularly. Ensure your child gets the right prescription glasses and reduces screen time when not required to protect the eye against redness, itchiness, and dryness.