Enhance Your Beauty with a Safe Chin Augmentation Women Procedure

Weak chins can drag down your beauty and self-esteem. Most of the time, it is a genetic trait and can be rectified by experienced and skilled plastic surgeons. If you feel you have a weak chin and it is robbing away your natural beauty, you should consult a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon to get a chin augmentation procedure safely done.


When should you consider the chin augmentation women procedure?


The chin in your face is instrumental in bringing you a profile that is balanced with your face. It is an important feature that counterbalances your nose to highlight your beauty naturally. There are two types of chin augmentation women procedures – one is a surgical procedure while the other is a non-surgical one. Given below are the key differences between the two-


  1. In the surgical chin augmentation procedure, the chin is reshaped with an implant, or the specialist can even use your own bone structure to reshape the chin. Both of these options will give you long-term results if you compare them to dermal fillers, which is another popular way for you to contour and reshape your chin. In this way, you are able to attain all your aesthetic goals.


  1. In the non-surgical procedure, the shape and the contour of the chin can be changed with dermal fillers’ help when it comes to enhancing its volume. There are cases where your own fat can be used for shaping the chin. This procedure uses minimally invasive, and its results generally last for one year or so.


Who are the best candidates for a chin augmentation procedure?


The ideal candidates for chin augmentation are those-


  • With a weak or a recessed chin.
  • A poorly defined neck.
  • Not happy with their facial profile.
  • Those that have a nose that looks too prominent.
  • Those in good physical and emotional health.
  • Not suffering from any medical ailments.
  • Non-smokers.
  • Have realistic expectations.


The incision in the skin is hidden in a crease under the chin or in your mouth. With a good specialist, this cut is done meticulously after planning. The professional ensures that this incision is not easily visible easily to others. When you have decided to go in for a chin augmentation, never rush into the decision without researching and checking your specialist’s background and track-records.


When you have undergone the chin augmentation with your bone or an implant, you will experience minor bruising and swelling for seven days or so. You will need for the area, and it is applied immediately after the chin augmentation women procedure directly to the area. This is done to keep the shape of the chin intact, and it is removed after some days. In the non-surgical procedures, the healing takes place faster; however, after its effects subside after a year, you need to visit the clinic of the specialist to get it re-done. The costs of the procedure depend upon the seriousness of your condition, the specialist’s fees, and the clinic’s location where you want the chin augmentation to be carried out.