Engagement Ring Choices

The engagement ring is the single most significant piece of jewellery that a woman will ever own. Not only if it’s the most amazing ring you have but the meaning of the actual ring and the importance of bringing sentimentality with it that can’t be replaced.

Every woman likes to show off her engagement ring and looks forward to this most exciting purchase before that happens.

In years gone by it was customary for the man to buy the ring and surprise his bride to be with a ring that he has chosen. These days brides to be are not satisfied with a surprise ring and want to choose the engagement ring themselves.

However it is a big decision and many factors must be considered. Obviously your budget is the most important thing to consider as this will determine the type of metal, the stone you will choose and size.

Even if your budget is small there are many beautiful rings that are stunning and affordable that are within reach.

So let’s start with discussing the band and what precious metals are available.

The main metals are Gold, Silver and Platinum. recently Palladium has been added to the list and is becoming increasingly popular due to it’s affordable price and the fact that it is hypo-allergenic. It has the appearance of Platinum.

Gold has always been the traditional choice with either yellow or white gold. Gold is measured in karats with 14 and 18 karats being the most popular. The weakness of gold is that it can bend very easily when used and tend to lose luster after a certain period of time.

Silver or platinum is very hard and doesn’t bend easily. None of these are as popular as gold and usually the price is more than gold. Platinum is popular because generally never loses everything also does not tarnish in any way and is perfect for those who are allergic or sensitive to other metals. That’s another reason why palladium becomes popular too.

Stone Choice

The next choice is the stone which for most people would be a diamond. The diamond size is measured in karats also and obviously the more karats the more expensive. The diamond can also be cut into various shapes ranging from princess to marquee and is very much a personal choice.

Traditionally the solitaire diamond was the most popular and still is but there are so many contemporary designs these days that it’s hard to stop at just one diamond. Three stones and pave diamonds (a series of small stones) are quite popular and look stunning in the new modern styles.

Not everyone wants a diamond and just like Princess Diana’s engagement ring that is now Princess Kate’s ring, many prefer a Sapphire. Sapphires can be the main stone and incorporate small diamonds around it.

Others prefer rubies or emeralds. In fact there are no set rules when it comes to engagement rings and really boils down to what the individual couple wants. Many design their own rings and incorporate two toned metals and various stones.

These days there are so many excellent guides on the internet that help couples choose the perfect engagement ring. You can do all your online shopping in the comfort of your own home.

There is no need to visit endless jewellery stores anymore. Enjoy your most precious journey of choosing your either Engagement Rings Melbourne.

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