Which is the best amongst all the Slot Genres?

Aside from the outrageously thrilling experience of spinning the reels of your favourite online slots, one of the best things about this modern casino industry is the fact that there is just so much choice. Just think about it: if you want to play other games like blackjack, bingo, poker, craps, or roulette you only have a few different varieties of each to choose from, however with slots there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of different games available.

Oh yes, it is genuinely almost impossible to get bored of online free slots UK these days, especially when there are so many different slot genres around. Developers like NetEnt, Eyecon and Microgaming have proved instrumental in making sure that the online slots world has many different aesthetics and designs – without this the industry wouldn’t be nearly as successful. But which is the best amongst all the slot genres? Keep reading to find out…

A short history of slots

When you’re talking about the concept of slot genres it definitely helps to know a bit about the history of slots in general, because it allows you to track the formation of different slots genres a lot better. Slot machines first appeared at the end of the 19th century, however back then the concept of “slot genres” didn’t really exist – slot machines were just rudimentary mechanical gambling games that took influence from poker in the symbols.

After WWII gambling was legalised in many places around the world in order to fund the global reparation process, and this resulted in a major surge in popularity for slot machines. By the 1960s there were quite a few slot genres to choose from, with the likes of fruit slot machines and Irish themed slot machines becoming famous.

An outline of some of the most popular slot genres

Okay, that’s a bit of the history out of the way when it comes to slot machine gambling, but now we imagine you’re going to want to know about some of the most popular slot genres throughout history… Let’s get stuck in:

  • Irish themed slot genre: For one reason or another the wonderful country of Ireland has been used countless times by slot developers, mainly because of its folklore that involves leprechauns and pots of gold.
  • Vintage slot genre: In more modern times the classic world of vintage slots has become a slot genre in its own right.
  • Progressive jackpot slot genre: A progressive jackpot isn’t exactly a slot theme, however it certainly constitutes a slot genre. Slots like the Las Vegas Megabucks shot to fame as a result of their progressive jackpots, with over a million dollars up for grabs.

The best slot genres around in the 21st century

As a result of the exceptional impact of online slots in the 21st century there are now more slot genres around than ever before, here are some of the best:

  • History slot genre: There are so many cracking slots out there today that take inspiration from various eras in history – fun and informative!

·         Sport slot genre: The world of sport is incredibly exciting, which explains why the fusion between sports and slots is so well adored.