Tips on How to Waterproof Your Roof and Prevent Water Damage

The roof is vital in keeping water and other outside elements from getting into the house. It also keeps your structure intact.

Roofs are prone to damage since they are constantly exposed to the weather elements. Wind and water can quickly damage your roof by denting or breaking shingles or roof tiles. When water piles up on your roof, it always ends in dangerous damages. Therefore, it is important to waterproof your roof to ensure your home is protected and there is less damage to the roof.

Here are some useful tips to waterproof your roof and prevent roof leaks and reduce the potential damage to your roof.

Remove all debris and dead leaves and branches

When leaves, debris and branches accumulate on your roof they clog the drain causing water to accumulate on the roof. Therefore it is better to get rid of the debris and leaves as soon as they start building up.

If you don’t clean and sweep the debris, wind will just blow all the leaves to the pipes on the roof top and cause further damage to the roof such as roof leaks. It doesn’t take a lot of time to clean the roof. Take time in the morning when the sun is not shining to remove the branches and leaves so that you have the rest of the day to focus on other things.

Put cover tapes on seams

Your seams require a lot of protection and the best way is to add cover tapes. . You must ensure the tape covers every section of the roof that is exposed so that the roof won’t have a lot of damage. Also check the tape regularly to ensure it is in place because of the unpredictable weather.

If you cannot go up to do what needs to be done, call professional Minneapolis roofing contractors to help you. The professionals know how to do the job quickly and properly.

Maintain temperature control of the roof

Fluctuating temperatures can cause structural damage or war on your roof’s structure. Therefore you need to check on your roof temperature by insulating your attic to keep heat inside your home preventing it from damaging the roof.

During winter, heavy snow falls can also affect your roof. Too much slow can cause your roof to cave in. But if the snow melts quickly, it turns into water and drains through the gutter. So, it is important to add heat tapes on the roof and gutter to ensure the ice melts quicker to prevent roof damage.

Apply water repellant

You can also add water repellant on your roof. However, water repellents don’t prevent water damage, it only adds protection against water.

It is important to apply water repellent on your roof once it is repaired to limit the potential growth of mold and mildew.


Waterproofing your roof is not an easy task. As much as you can follow the tips mentioned above by yourself, you will not achieve the best result if you do not know what you are doing. It is better to have reputable Minneapolis roofing contractors help you with the process. They have the best knowledge and experience to help you get the desired results.