The Christian ABCs – For Children From Just one to 1 Hundred and One

Just about every loved one remembers reciting the ABC’s…but this poem from the Christian point of view tells a story for children of all ages from one particular to at least one-hundred-1.

I wrote the ABC’s that can help my grandchildren find out about Christ. I am not a fantastic poet, but I know the main five years of the child’s lifetime are probably the most formative years. Children form quite a few in their temperament attributes and practices, (fantastic or bad), from an early age.

Parents and grandparents have a chance to learn abc train their little ones ahead of any harmful exterior influences can have an effect on them, and I planned to assistance my grandchildren take the narrow path.

I’ve made use of the ABCs to share Jesus with my grandchildren and so they’ve listened to them from an early age. I think It is in no way way too early to coach kids within the means of the Lord. I wish to share them with any individual That may enjoy them.

Jesus mentioned, “…Experience the minor to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of this sort of would be the kingdom of God.” (Mark ten:fourteen)

A is for Adam, the extremely very first male.
B is for Bible, the reserve of God’s system.
C is for Christ, who died within the Cross.
D is for Death, that Christ came to prevent.
E is for Evil, that dwells in man’s heart.
F is for Religion, that Christ came to impart.
G is for God, creator of all.
H is for Hope, we are going to rise from our slide.
I is for Isaiah, a prophet of outdated.
J is for Jesus, the treatment for our soul.
K is for Knee, we’ll bow when Christ comes.
L is for Lamb, the victory’s been gained.
M is for Moses, who wrote down God’s law.
N is for Noah, plus the flood that he noticed.
O is for Obedience, our need to remember to Christ.
P is for Praise, our tears Jesus dries.
Q is for Quicken, Christ rose from your grave.
R is for Repentance, it prepares on the way in which.
S is for Holy Spirit, Christ puts in our coronary heart.
T is for Testimony, we confess for our Christ.
U is for Higher Room, Jesus meal together with his good friends.
V is for Victory, Christ received around sin.
W is for Term, Christ dwelt within the earth.
X is for Xmas, the working day of Christ’s delivery.
Y is for Yoke, Christ broke about the tree.
Z is for Mount Zion, Eternal daily life is for Me!

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