Need to buy cryptocurrencies

If you need to buy cryptocurrencies, personally Damecoins is the best platform that I have used compared to others and in this article I will show how to do it very quickly and easily.











To start you must first enter Damecoins using the following address:

Next you must register in Damecoins by clicking on the following button located in the upper right corner.


Then the following form will appear where you must enter your data and click on the create account button, in this way you can start buying cryptocurrencies. As simple and fast. The platform is very intuitive and understandable, you do not need to have knowledge of anything compared to other pages that have a very extensive registration process.

To start shopping after you have logged into your account now you just have to choose how to pay. The first option is the credit card. We choose the cryptocurrency we want to buy, enter our card details, the amount to pay, click the green buy button, and done,


everything is loaded automatically.

Types of cards that Damecoins supports:


If we go down a little more. Damecoins has other payment methods:














If we click on the blue button pay whith Paypal we will get the following:

Then just log in, make your payment and send the receipt by chat. As simple as that.

As well as these payment methods, Damecoins has other methods.








If you have problems with any of these methods, do not hesitate to contact the support team that can guide you to solve your problem and best of all, they are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

Go ahead and use Damecoins and tell your own experience.

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