Mark Roemer Oakland Provides Reasons Why Gift Cards Are the Best Presents


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, there are several good reasons you should opt for gift cards instead of cold hard cash. Let’s check out why gift cards are the best gift possible:


The Reasons


  1. You don’t have to blow your budget – The perfect gift depends on the person you want to gift it to and the congratulatory incident. However, the perfect gift may be out of your budget and obliterate your financial plans. Gift cards are great since you can stay within your budget without going overboard. There are gift cards that go from as low as $10 to as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moreover, if you can figure out the perfect gift for the other person, you can get a gift card from that store or business and leave a helpful suggestion as a note along with the gift card.


  1. You save money – Often brands would give out gift cards at a sale or an event for a generous discount on the face value. In certain industries, it’s a norm throughout the year. For instance, many restaurants and fast-food chains offer discounted gift cards throughout the year since they want to get the customer in their establishment. They know that the customer is likely to spend more since they have a bit of value on the gift card. You should keep an eye out for discounted gift cards so that you can save a few bucks.


  1. Flexibility without judgment – When you gift something to a friend or relative, the gift may not be the ideal choice for the person and may sit in their closet or end up listed on eBay. When you give products as gifts the other person doesn’t have a lot of freedom to do things with that if they don’t like it. Gift cards on the other hand allow quite a lot of flexibility. You can choose products or services or even trade the gift card for cash at online forums. While cash allows for more flexibility, it can attract quite a lot of judgmental looks and may seem a bit crass. Hence, gift cards are the next best choice.


  1. They can be thoughtful – General gift cards and prepaid debit cards are quite flexible and can almost function as cash. Hence, they may seem shallow. Just because you’re gifting a gift card doesn’t mean you can’t show that you’ve put your thought behind it and considered the likes and preferences of the person at the receiving end. When you buy a gift card for the favorite restaurants or arenas of your friend or family member, you show that you care and want to keep your gifts practical as well.


  1. Easy and attractive – Looking for presents can eat hours into your time and wrapping them can be a nightmare. Gift cards are quick and easy and easily slide into a holiday gift envelope.



Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you consider gift cards next time you want to buy a gift.