Mark Roemer Oakland Explains How to Leverage Content for Your Personal Brand


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, it is crucial to develop a good content marketing strategy to optimize your personal brand. In fact, developing your personal brand can take a long time but you can accelerate the process by leveraging the power of high-quality content that your target audience would find valuable and informative.


Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you may follow to leverage content for your personal brand:


  1. Maintain a regular blogging schedule – Blogging is a popular content marketing channel since it is so easy to write content and attract visitors to your website. The best part is that if you create unique and engaging content that your audience finds interesting and valuable, you will notice a steady rise in your website traffic. However, if you don’t blog consistently, it can become much more difficult to establish your personal brand since your audience wouldn’t know when to expect new content.


  1. Create high-quality content – People often associate the quality of your brand with the quality of your service, product, and content. Thus, it is imperative to create content that is well-researched with citations and references to official sources. Plus, your content must include a mix of pictures, text, infographics, and videos to deliver the maximum effect and make it easier to understand. Plus, it’s a good idea to include questions, surveys, polls, and other features in your content that ask for user feedback and participation.


  1. Write an eBook – Compared to blog posts, it is easier to develop trust, authority, and expertise by writing high-quality eBooks since it almost feels like a tangible product. In fact, since eBooks are downloadable, they can be used as a good marketing tool to attract potential leads and develop your personal brand.


You just have to discover popular topic ideas using tools such as Buzzsumo and create an eBook that looks professional in both design and content. It’s also necessary to add a call-to- action in your eBook to boost the clicks and conversion.


  1. Engage your fans on social media platforms – Almost everybody has a social media account and it’s easier to reach your audience on social media by creating content that is visually appealing and informative. In fact, posting shareable content can help you build your personal brand much sooner than you expect. Plus, it’s also necessary to respond to the queries, comments, and messages on your social media profiles to engage your audience and build a positive brand image.


  1. Do guest posts and interviews – One of the best ways to improve your brand awareness is to find websites that are related to your niche and contact them to do guest posts. If you can manage to guest blog on popular websites with good domain authority, you can acquire high-quality links to your own website, generate good leads, and achieve a boost in your organic traffic. It would be even better if you can book a few interviews and reveal some information about your brand.



Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you create brand stories, stunning video content, and launch behind-the-scenes footage of how your business works to make your audience feel like a part of a big family.