How does a brand name get chosen by a gaming company and finally turn into a slot device title?

As an agency, our point of contact is typically the slot manufacture as opposed to the casino directly. The slot manufacturers have typically been the gatekeepers of that relationship and rely heavily on us as the agent, and our clients (the rights holders) to provide them with all of the relevant information and details that will hopefully influence the casino to bring our titles into their locations.

Under the right set of circumstances slotxo  and with the engagement of our client, we would welcome the opportunity to explore unique and fun ways to sync up directly with the casinos to amplify the message that there is one of our games being released on their floor. It benefits all to help market the opportunity and drive mutual benefit, bring more players to the game, and ideally extend the life of the game on the floor by inspiring fan appreciation.

By the time the slot machine is first introduced to the trade, and then made available for distribution/the casino floor, the talent and brand considerations have already been vetted, negotiated and agreed upon. It is standard in just about all contemporary talent deals that the actors reserve their likeness rights when it comes to the promotion or commercialization of select products most often associated with the wagering, sanitary and adult products, alcohol/tobacco and firearms categories. Whereas these reservations are contractually pretty black and white, in some cases the door remains ajar to negotiate specific terms with talent as they pertain to their likeness being used in something like a physical slot machine. Based on what you see on the floor today, there are actors and actresses that are willing to let their likenesses be used, but that use might come with an additional negotiation between the talent’s representation and either the rights holder or the slot machine company. I anticipate that the door is likely open with most rights holders to explore other products on the floor for licensing consideration as long as it is a positive representation of the brand in question, and that there is a monetization method in place that compels the rights holder to negotiate a deal in said category.